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I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the outstanding work you did on our bathroom remodeling projects. We could not be happier with the results and your involvement.Your thoroughness and dedication enabled the project to be completed on time and within budget. Your diligence in working with various sources and contractors were of immense help navigating us through the many complicated mazes we were unaware of before starting this project.I appreciated your patience in putting up with my changing wants and making the accommodations necessary without compromising your design elements.Your careful, thoughtful and tasteful design, selection of materials and accessories resulted in an outstanding final result.We get “oohs and aahs” from those who see our bathrooms.Steve, thanks so much again for your help—we couldn’t have gotten there without you. We would love to use you in future projectsI would be pleased to recommend you to others as well as open our house to show others the final products. - Jack, Chicago

Working with Steve Howard on our bathroom renovations was a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding process. He not only has a great eye and creative concepts, but he is willing to work collaboratively and within a budget. My husband and I are thrilled with the results. - Judi, Chicago

It is a pleasure to work with Steve Howard. He is an effective combination of realistic planning and welcome creativity.He knows what questions to ask when you first tackle a project so that you reveal your taste and preferences. But he uncovers what you actually need in an interior and discuss financial aspects. He does keep in mind your budget. Mr. Howard includes you in selecting styles, fabrics and colors. He works with an excellent painter and introduces refreshing wall colors.If you want to incorporate existing structural elements or furnishings, he will strive to include them. But he is very frank if he thinks what you want to “keep” will not be appropriate.I was very pleased when he completed my room design. He used some of my furnishings but gave the room a totally different feel. Though I invested a bit more than expected, it was well worthwhile because he introduced me to quality furnishings I’d never considered before.Steve is reliable and flexible. - Madelin, Chicago

Hi Steve,I've been meaning to write you and thank you for all the beautiful work you've done to our place. You've really found your calling. You've really turned our small mismatched place into a much more inviting home with so much more useful space and storage. We get compliments all thetime on the projects you've done for us. What I really love is how personal and special you've made it. I love when people notice that the area rug that you designed to mimic the flower on the pillow on the couch or the beautiful rug you designed for the dining room. And I really love how the baby's room has turned out. I love showing it off.Thank you also for being so flexible and accommodating to my schedule and budget. You were really creative in finding a more reasonable solution for framing my aunt's crocheted blanket. (I can't believe some of those quotes!) It turned out better than I could have imagined. The way you had it framed made it really fit the room. And your ideas for the entrance way - I get compliments on the wallpaper all the time. You were right. It was much better to do the wallpaper than painting it. Relative to the cost, the impact was really dramatic. What I really appreciate is how much you've listened to what my husband and I are looking for and can really convey that to the vendors that you work with, so I don't have to give them the awkward "ummm.. really?"* look. (You have really found some great resources!) I really also appreciate how much you kept us in the loop throughout the process, whether its how much something may cost, or timing or whatever, you made it clear you were always looking out for us.You've been so much fun to work with on updating our place, I can't wait for you to help us when we move into a bigger place!Thanks so much! - Elaine, Chicago