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Everyone should love their home. Together, that is our goal. We will define your personal style, the difference between what you like and what you really want, what stays and what goes (and why). A few phrases will keep repeating, ‘you need to love it’, ‘it needs to make sense’, 'don’t settle’. Once I start getting the approving nod, I will know we’re on the right track.

It’s my job to make it all work. I’ll ask a lot of questions to find out how you live in the space. From this I can determine a color palette, space plan, and apply the principles and elements of design. I’m a really good listener.

My favorite part of the design process is when it all comes together and you say ‘I love it!’ and I can see it on your face. That’s when it’s electric……must be why it’s called a passion.

Steve H.